Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Tusker's FFA

Apologies for the extreme lateness of this posting, I've been having issues with my computer and editing the video into a vaguely presentable state took far longer then expected. I also have lost the post that I originally wrote straight after the event so am just writing off the cuff.

At the beginning of January The Tuskers held a frigate free for all and I manage to spend the whole 6 hours flying in it. I had an absolute blast, I spent most of my time at the top belt just engaging the ship that was closest to me, all technique went out the window. I'm proud to say that I was one of the top losers for the event, I curse the fact that I left system to pick up one of my ships and thus missed out on an hour or so of shooting ships. 

I'd like to thank The Tuskers for putting together such a fun, well organised event, also for giving me lots of ships to explode :D

The video below shows some of my highlights from the event, apologies again for the poor editing of it, I'm still learning, hopefully next time it will be better.

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